Success Tips for Your Betpawa Prediction

May 1, 2021

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Betpawa is one of Nigeria’s fastest-growing bookmakers. Since it entered Nigeria’s ever-competitive betting industry, the bookmaker has done so much to retain its new customers and gain new customers. These efforts have led to many more punters thronging to the betting site for a chance to win big and enjoy its innovative features.

One of Betpawa’s many eye-catching features is its huge bonuses and fast payouts. However, you can only win those bonuses if you are successful with your wagers. While luck is a major factor in sports betting, you can increase your chances by making detailed predictions. In this article, you will learn tips to boost your chances of winning in Betpawa Nigeria.

Prediction Tips on Betpawa

You can use sports betting tips to make informed bet predictions and win big on your Betpawa wagers. Here are some things you can do to increase your winning chances:

  • Create a schedule and find a football prediction site.
  • Make time out to check the newest betting tips.
  • Place bets if you find good opportunities with the tips.
  • Check out sports news, form stats, and other key information about teams.
  • Check for new details on your favorite football prediction site or Betpawa prediction site.
  • Merge your information with the latest betting tips and bet again if you find it convenient.

Betpawa Nigeria Prediction Tips

Football Prediction Tips

If you want to wager on football games on Betpawa, there are multiple options you can bet on. These include Home/Away predictions, Draw prediction, Over and Under Bets, Both Teams to Score, and Live Bets.

Home/Away Bet Prediction Tips

Before you bet on a team to win home or away, you should make some findings. Research on who the most superior team is. Find out the results of their past and most recent meetings. Check their present form, statistics, and injuries. All these help you make an informed decision before betting on the game.

Draw Bet Predictions

Before betting on both teams to draw, you must ask a few key questions. Are both teams defensively-minded teams? Do they have low-scoring statistics in their latest games? If the answer to these questions is yes, then it means there is a high chance a draw may happen.

However, you need to research the dynamics of the game before going ahead to bet. Are any of the teams fighting relegation and in need of a crucial win? If that is the case, the team may put in an extra effort to get a win. Is the game in question a derby? Derbies are known to be tense games where teams give their all for a result. Such games usually end in draws. You should also check the history of both, noting the results of their past meetings. Have there been more draws than victories?

Nothing is certain in sports betting but answering questions like this helps you improve your chances of winning.

Over and Under Bet Predictions

Over and Under bet predictions are popular in the football betting world. Though many people wager on this option, you need to answer some questions before jumping on the bandwagon. You need to know the number of goals the competing teams have been scoring in their latest matches. If their previous games have ended with many goals, you can bet on them to score over one, two, or more goals, depending on the circumstances.

On the other hand, if their latest games have ended with less than a certain amount of goals, you can wager on the Under bet option depending on the circumstances. Other factors come into play for this bet prediction, like the history between the teams, their current form, key players missing or injured, etc.

Both Teams to Score Bet Prediction

With this option, you are simply betting that the competing teams will score in the game. Hence, you need to research the games where the teams playing against each other are attack-minded and likely to score. In your research, you need to determine if the teams have been scoring in their previous games.

Check their head-to-head statistics to see if they usually score against each other whenever they play. Are their top scorers and key players in form? Is it a derby or a must-win match for either team? Answers to questions like this put you in a better place to make a good prediction.

Double Chance Prediction

In this prediction type, you can bet on two out of three possibilities. You can bet on a home team to win or draw, away team to win or draw, or either the home or away team to win.

Half Time/Fulltime Predictions

For this bet type, you can predict whether the home or away team will be winning or drawing the game at halftime and full time. You need to check their previous matches and show how they fare in both halves to improve your winning chances.

Betpawa Prediction

Live Bet Predictions

Live bet predictions somewhat differ from other bet types in that the game you are wagering on is ongoing. For such games, you should bet based on what is currently going on in the game. Football games are usually fast-paced, with situations changing quickly. Hence, if a team is losing by a lone goal in the first half and pressing hard for an equalizer and dominating the game, you can wager on them to score the next goal or go on to win the match. However, you need to note the factors in play in the game like injuries, red cards, previous stats, etc.

Betpawa Predictions for Tomorrow

Besides making your Betpawa prediction today, you can also bet on games happening tomorrow or next. On the website, there is a section called Next 48 Hours. With that, you can make predictions on games starting within the next 48 hours. Hence, you have more time to do detailed research on the games you want to bet on to increase your chances of success.

Betpawa also offers betting options on tennis and basketball. These games have options similar to football like Over and Under bets, Home or Away to Win, Halftime and Fulltime predictions, Live Bet predictions, etc. All you need to do is research the games you want to bet on and select those you feel are most likely. Good luck with your bets.


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